On this page, various books and booklets -selfmade or from others- will be published from time to time. To download the books click on the icons.

Os Animais perçonhentos da Amazônia, 2007, 13 pages, portuguese, compiled by Markus Shimizu
This book is about poisonous terrestrial animals of the Amazon. It is a leaflet compiled by articles found in the internet and initially was meant for personal use only. It is designed to provide information on potential venomous animals one can encounter in the Amazon. Great effort has been made to make this guide as accurate as possible. However, there might be mistakes, and as stated above all the material as been compiled by found material although possibly slightly rewritten.

Frutíferas e Plantas Úteis na vida Amazônica, 2005, 296 pages, portuguese, Patricia Shanley and Gabriel Medina
This is a truly magnificent and very useful book about useful plants in the amazons. It is easy to read and gives many practical advices including nutricional values, medicinal properties or other uses of various fruits and plants. This book also gives indications on how to plant as well as the economical value of the fruits or trees. It can be freely copied for noncommercial and educational use.

APOSTILA DO EDUCADOR AGROFLORESTAL, 2003, 76 pages, portuguese, Fabiana Mongeli Peneieiro, Flavio Quental Rodrigues, Marinelson de Oliveira Brilhante, Thomas Ludewigs

Revista dos Sistemas Agroflorestais, 2003, 60 pages, portuguese, Ana Luiza Carvalho Barros Meirelles, Cristiano Motter, Nelson Bellé

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