This year there was not enough time to do any projects in Brazil, but instead some I did some experiments in Berlin.

biogas01   biogas02   biogas03
Little bathroom experiment with biogas made in a 200 liter drum and stored in a truck tire. Still needs some improvements though.

2011/solarcooker01   2011/solarcooker02   2011/solarcooker03Solar cooker works well in direct sunlight. Made a tasty rice on the first go.


From October to December Markus Shimizu from Oiyakaha is collaborating with Sohei Iwata from Apam Napat to develop a biological water purification module in Santiniketan, West Bengal, India. The biological water purification method utilized is a system devised by Dr. Nakamoto from Japan. It is capable of purifying water contaminated with substances like fluoride, arsenic, iron and harmful bacteria.
The water purification module which we are designing for the ethnic minority Korna, will be maintenance free and as simple as possible. Our system will be made entirely out of clay and be a test on how small this water purification system can be made which still produces safe drinking water.

water purification1   water purification2   water purification1 Developing our all made of clay water purification system. Consulting a pottery master and searching for a site to set up our module.

Korna   Korna   KornaKorna ethnic minority at Kamalapanta pur village, Samaido.

water purification1   water purification2   water purification1 Start building of the water purification plant with help of the Korna people.

The water purification project is kindly supported by:

IFA Logo   Yoshino logo

markus shimizu   colm   markus colm Markus and Colm doing a wish tree performance together at the Green World Art Festival at Bhubaneswar, India.

cows   biogas   stove Visiting a bio-gas plant in Benurya, West Bengal, India.


       This year we harvested new fruits like Biriba and Ingá. At times there was too much banana too. 

       Shingo making fresh Açai juice. So delicious! 

       Two different types of solar dehydrators. And our roof with solar panel and trying to make andiroba oil in a pot... but it didn't work.

      Mulching really worked! See the difference between the two pictures, one with mulch the other with mulch. Also, taking pictures of volunteers taking pictures of tarantulas.

       Our new and shiny compost toilet using a thin plate concrete technique. 

We have build a compost toilet and a small deposit in a single structure.


       Field trip to a experimental plantation of Artemisia Annua from the Empraba organisation. Artemisia Annua is a medicinal herb which is used to prevend and cure Malaria. Participation at a project to build a dry toilet with adobe walls at the Rio Unini organized by the local NGO Fundação Victoria Amazonica.

       The new adobe grill!

       This year we had the first harvest of Pineapple, Papaya, Cassava, Sweet potato, Okra and Ingá-Cipo.

       A weekend visit by friends, a new wall-painting and lots of fun in the stream.

       Solar energy, running water and a new water tower.


      Sprouts                                                                                                                 Kimchi

      Natto                                                      Nuka Miso                                              Tempeh

Currently we are preparing for the next projects at Oiyakaha and are doing research on:

  • composting toilets
  • small scale electricity production for rual use or remote locations
  • adobe stoves
  • solar cooker and other solar applications
  • raw and fermented foods




This spring was full with construction activities. Iwan and me enlarged the hut, made walls, a basic kitchen, stairs and even got running water from a fountain thanks to engineering enthusiasm by Maiká. There was lots of hard work by Iwan who stayed six weeks and had to sweat dragging wooden poles and sawing hardwood. I had an exhausting time too making wooden shingles, but it was worth the trouble, since we have a rainproof roof now. Unfortunately we couldn't get so far to build a compost toilet nor a water wheel, but hopefully it is going to be realized next year.

All included in our jungle experience were some casual visits by scorpions or tarantulas, flybys by macaws and toucans or early morning roars by howler monkeys, not to mention countless ants and thirsty horsefly's. Luckily there was time to plant some new trees too. Have a look an the plant section to see some photos of our current plantations on Oiyakaha.



During spring 2007, one wooden house of 6 x 4m has been build out of "dead" wood (wood from trees which have died naturally or from trees which have been cut down by someone and and left aside). Furthermore one hectare that had been cut down by the former owner several years ago has been reforested with the following plants:

Abiu, Abiurana, Açaí de Touceira, Açaí Solitario, Andiroba, Avocado, Bacaba, Banana-pacovão, Banana-maçã, Banana-prata, Biribá, Brazil nut, Buriti, Green Coconut, Yellow Coconut, Coffee, Cacao, Cacaurana, Cupuaçu, Cupuí, Guaraná, Jambo, Louro Tauba, Lime, Mango, Marí, Maçaranduba, Orange, Papaya, Patauá, Black Pepper, Pineapple, Piquiá, Pupunha, Sapota, Sorva, Tucumã, Tangerine, Taperebá, Uxí

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