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Mellifera e.V. - Vereinigung für wesensgemäße Bienenhaltung.de
Modified Abbé Warré Hive
Modified Abbé Warré Hive - a diary of three bee hives in a small wild garden in north wales, uk
Beekeeping with the Warré hive -- Home
Willkommen bei Wildbiene.com
Wildbiene.com - das Portal für Wildbienen: Biologie, Arten, Nisthilfen & Bienen-Shop
Wildbienen: Leitseite zu Solitärbienen & Hummeln
Information über Wildbienen: Solitärbienen und Hummeln - Ordnung "Hautflügler" (Hymenoptera), Sektion "Stechimmen" (Aculeata)
Weblog | www.hymenoptera.de - hummeln.de - hornissennest.de
Bees for Development
Danmarks Biavlerforening
Value-added products from beekeeping.
Beekeeping in Top-Bar Hives (tbh's)
Beekeeping in hives with movable combs rather than frames. Equipment can made from recycled, scrap wood. An inexpensive way to keep bees while harvesting honey and beeswax. TBH's are delightful.
apicultura.deeuropa.net, continentes de enlaces
Bienen für Piaui - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe für die Menschen in Piaui


Tempeh starter
Tempeh starter is required to make high quality tempeh. Tempeh starter is a dried powder containg million spores of Rhizopus molds.
GEM Soy Cultures
Natto making
Natto making
Kombucha Journal 30 languages by Günther W. Frank
Kombucha is a popular health promoting beverage and natural remedy made by fermenting tea. Prepare it yourself for FREE. Günther W. Frank is the author of the book Kombucha - Healthy beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East


Flora brasiliensis, CRIA
TROPIX - Technological characteristics of 215 tropical species
Rede de Sementes da Amazônia
Medicinal Plants of the Guianas - Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield, Smithsonian
A Vegetação Natural do Brasil e suas Frutas Comestíveis
Bemvindo ao Clube da Semente do Brasil
Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia
The Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia (PACSOA) web-site features technical and non-technical articles of interest to palm and/or cycad enthusiasts.
California Rare Fruit Growers
Fruit Facts
Tropical Fruit Trees Catalog
Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants From Destination Tropicals.
Wild Food - Edible plants
Plants For A Future - 7000 useful plants
Plants For A Future is a resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses. We practice vegan-organic permaculture with emphasis on creating an ecologically sustainable environment and Perennial plants.
Minor oil crops - Contents
Seeds of Change Homepage
We currently offer over 600 distinct varieties of 100% organically grown seeds for the home gardener and over 100 varieties in bulk quantities for the market grower. Many of our varieties represent decades, even centuries, of cultures from around the world who have saved their favorite, most flavorful and nutritious plants. Conserving this invaluable genetic resource, while contributing to the knowledge of sustainable organic agriculture and gardening techniques, is central to the mission of Seeds of Change.
MagicGardenSeeds Samen Saatgut
Seed Saving Resources
Resources on seedsaving for seedsavers and those interested in heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of vegetables, flowers, bulbs as well as heirloom fruit varieties and general agricultural/horticultural plant genetic diversity.
Raintree Nursery, fruit, nut and berry plants for the American fruit grower
Raintree selects fruit varieties for flavor and ease of growing, with you the backyard gardener in mind. We have searched the world to collect the best backyard fruit varieties for you, the American gardener.


Instituto Butantan
Instituto Rã-bugio para Conservação da Biodiversidade
Taxon Index - The Taxonomicon
Field Guide to Venomous and Medically Important Invertebrates Affecting Military Operations
Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield Resources


Simple living die kunst des einfachen lebens, das leben vereinfachen
Positive Vibrations
Conservation International do Brasil
Rain Erosion Prevention
Rain Erosion Prevention Farmland runoff
Solar Water Treatment
Michigan Technological University • Peace Corps Master's International Program in Forestry • Resources: Student Projects
Global Ecovillage Network
PITEBA oil press oliepers oilpress : universal oil press for nuts and seed
PITEBA: hand operated oilpress : press for oil seed pressing ; micro-credit projects for home industry. Hand aangedreven oliepers voor het persen van oliehoudende zaden
Main Page - PIW
The Fukuoka Farming website
The Fukuoka Farming Website is an extension of the Fukuoka Farming Mailing List, and was created to explore Masanobu Fukuoka's revolutionary method of sustainable agriculture.
Welcome to United Plant Savers
Viktor Schauberger; the Water Wizard
Organization: Permacultura America Latina - WiserEarth
Special Tworms
Gree Eco Shoppers


Essbare Wildpflanzen
Permakultur Akademie - Home
Therapiegarten - Eine Ausstellung in 12 Landschaften




ambientebrasil - ambiente agropecuário (Agrossilvicultura, permacultura)
AS- PTA - Assessoria e Serviços a Projetos em Agricultura Alternativa
Ecocentro IPEC - Instituto de Permacultura e Ecovilas do Cerrado
Permacultura America Latina
Planeta Consciente - Prazer ou Felicidade
RBP - Rede Brasileira de Permacultura
Rede Ecovilas
Embrapa Meio-Norte - Pesquisa que alimenta
A Permacultura no Brasil
Sintropia » Archive for Biblioteca Online
Rede Brasileira de Ecovilas - Home
IPA - Instituto de Permacultura do Amazonas


Ecoaldeias - Portugal
Nelson Avelar
Rainbow Communities - Creating a blueprint for Sustainable Living
Future living is creative living is living sustainably now - we are an eco-neighbourhood in West coast Portugal, co-creating a footprint for a sustainable future.
Eco-Living Central Portugal
Sustainable Living Projects, Courses and Events in Central Portugal


Atlantis Ecological Community Home Page
Fundación Darién - Home


Bund-Länder-Arbeitsgruppe forstliche Genressourcen und Forstsaatgutrecht
GENRES - Informationssystem Genetische Ressourcen
IFOAM.ORG - IFOAM's mission is leading, uniting and assisting the organic movement in its full diversity. Our goal is the world
IÖW - Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung
Verein zur Erhaltung der Nutzpflanzenvielfalt e.V.

Energias Renováveis

Agua e Vento

Electricity from water with PowerPal
Exmork -Wind turbine, Water turbine, Solar electric systems
Maurer Elektromaschinen
ROCHFER - Bombas movidas à Roda D'Água ..
ZM Bombas - Web Site
Aerocatcher - Kleinwindkraftanlagen für private und gewerbliche Energieerzeugung

Fogão Solar

"Minimum" Solar Box Cooker - Solar Cooking
The "Minimum" Solar Box Cooker is a simple box cooker that can be built in a few hours for very little money. When we designed this cooker, we named it the "Minimum Solar Box Cooker" because, at the time, it represented the simplest design we could devise. What we didn't communicate with that name was that this is a full-power cooker that works very well, and is in no way minimum as far as its cooking power goes.
The Solar Cooking Archive
Solar Cooking in West Africa and Around the World
A resource page full of pictures and links for those who have an interest in solar cooking.


WorldShift Network ::: Home
world-changers.org - Home
The Zeitgeist Movement
The Zeitgeist Movement
www.arkbuilder.org: Welcome
a nexus of collaborating new-culture experimenters
Zukunft, Zukunftsforschung, Ehrenamt, Netzwerk, Berlin, Wiesbaden, Future, Forecast, Technologieberwertung, Partizipation, Nachhaltigkeit, Zukunftsfähigkeit
The World Future Council: The World Future Council
Global Futures Studies & Research by the MILLENNIUM PROJECT
The Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University is a global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, planners, and policy makers who work for Governments, international NGO's and Corporations.
Intentional Communities (ecovillages, community, communes, cohousing, coops...)
Intentional Communities - ICWiki
Volunteer Latin America
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